2018 / 02 / 23

【New】 Mackerel Harvest is booming here Kyushu!!!


Many mackerels are harvested for "frozen" here these days and ready to be exported.

Fish size:150-300g

Package :15kg frozen block

MOQ    :40ft

Please feel free to contact for further information!


2018 / 02 / 22

Why don’t you choose - Micro Bubble Generator 「BT-50」 -


- Micro Bubble Generator 「BT-50」-

・BT-50 is able to dissolve gas efficiently than gas bubbles generated by air stone from existing air pump or gas bubbles from existing air pump or gas bubbles from ejector method by water pump and is able to generate fine and even bubbles (10-30μm). 

・BT-50 is simply structured with very low power, high efficiency, less failure, and low cost.

・BT-50 weighs very light, compact in size, only water pump requires power, so the installation work is also easy.are exporting quality fresh oyster to the world. 

Please see here for the detail.



2018 / 02 / 16

Wild-catch Fish Calender


We supply wide variety of wild-catch fish
all year round as well as farmed fish. 

You can download Delicious Fish Calender
to check which wild-catch fish are in season.

Please see here for the detail.

English・・・pdf Fish Calender _en.pdf (0.12MB)

Chinese・・・pdf Fish Calender _ch.pdf (0.24MB)


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