● Micro Bubble Generator "BT-50"



Features and Effects

①BT-50 is able to dissolve gas efficiently than gas bubbles generated by air stone from existing air pump or gas bubbles from existing air pump or gas bubbles from ejector method by water pump and is able to generate fine and even bubbles (10-30μm).

For example, let the gas diameter generated from air stone  be 1mm(1,000μm) and the gas diameter generated from BT-50 be 30μm, then the surface area become 33 times, 37,000each in volume and in case of 10μm, it becomes 100 times of surface area
and one million each of volume, contact area with liquid increases and gas dissolution rate becomes higher.

②These minute bubbles have flotation effect (pop-up separation) and the bubbles
which absorb small particles in water (dust, residual food, excretory substance, etc.) are able to be popped-up
to water surface by its ascending force.

③Not only air but also gas, such as oxygen and liquid are able to be self-inhalation and visual adjustment of feeding quantity is possible.

④Scale up is very easy by adding the parts.

⑤BT-50 is simply structured with very low power, high efficiency, less failure, and low cost.

⑥BT-50 weighs very light, compact in size, only water pump requires power, so the installation work is also easy.



Set discharge water volume approximately at 7L/min (0.5kgf/cm²) – approx. 20L/min(3kgf/cm²)

And gas:20cc-40cc/7L water volume/min~100cc-400cc/20L water volume/min.

Technical Data

BT-50 内部原理.jpg

BT-50 内部原理2.jpg    BT-50 内部原理 説明.jpg

Installation Example

BT-50 機械1.jpg      2BT-50 機械.jpg


BT-50 機械3.jpg



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