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“Ultimate Co., Ltd.” is a professional trading company of the quality seafood and aquaculture products to many countries.

Japan’s Food Export Fair

2020 / 10 / 05  10:42
"Japan’s Food" Export Fair

We will be exhibiting at "Japan's Food Export Fair"

which will be held from October 14 to 16th this year.

Unfortunately the EXPO will be held online due to the coronavirus problem.

However we still would like to take advantage of this opportunity to see our customers, so we decided to participate in it again and have an online booth .

I will introduce the products that I plan to exhibit there. ↓

https://ultimate-trading.tokyo/free/japansfoodexportfair )

Why don't you enjoy eating with soy sauce?

2020 / 07 / 30  14:32
"Yamataka" Soy sauce

These seasonings which make cooking fun are all products of Yamataka soy sauce.

Yamataka soy sauce is a soy sauce shop established 120 years ago.

They have a variety of soy sauce that can be used in different ways such as sashimi and simmered dishes depending on the thickness and sweetness of soy sauce.

The rich flavor of the ingredients can be used in various dishes.

In addition to soy sauce, Yamataka soy sauce also has dashi, sauce and dressing.

There are products such as "Butter soy sauce" and "Pineapple soy sauce"

that you might find it interesting by just hearing their names.

Now that more and more people are eating at home due to the coronavirus,

why don't you enjoy eating with soy sauce?


If you are interested, please feel free to contact our company.

New product -Frozen Small Bluefin Tuna “ Saku” set-

2020 / 05 / 14  17:05




We newly developed Frozen Small Bluefin Tuna Saku set, which is  


400g of Otoro (Marbled meat of tuna)


200g of Chutoro (Medium-fatty meat of tuna)


200g of Akami (Red meat of tuna)



You can easily cook it and enjoy the different tastes of Bluefin Tuna!


Don’t miss the chance!!!

2020 / 05 / 13  16:28
Don’t miss the chance!!!



Now is the best time to buy Wagyu beef.


The price is extremely cheap due to Corona.


If you are interested in our Wagyu please feel free to contact us.


Dont miss the chance! Please help us!


【New】We visited THAIFEX - World of food 2018

2018 / 06 / 07  16:47

We visited "THAIFEX - World of food 2018" that was held in Bangkok, Thailand last week.



THAIFEX is a very large-scale exhibition that promotes food related products and this year was their 15th year of opening.
There were many food related company participated from each country and more than 40,000 buyers were gathered.

In the negotiations with many exhibitors, we felt that the Asian market has been changing greatly.

At JAPAN Pavilion, many Japanese companies were exhibiting and promoting to buyers.
From this event, I really recognised the high popularity of Japanese food.

We are expanding our business to Asia, and also Europe such as exporting Japanese food, importing materials from oversea, developing market for companies, and introducing business partners etc...

 In response to needs like following, we will offer you with many solutions. 

・Looking for Japanese seafood and beef

・Willing to expand sales 

・Looking for a specific item

・Looking for a business partner   ・・・etc

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime. 


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