● GSL Frozen Decapsulated Brine shrimp eggs (for hatching)



●Decapsulated brine shrimp eggs will save your time and hassle for dangerous decapsulation process.
●Due to the hypochlorite solution, the egg becomes thoroughly-disinfected, therefore reducing bacteria introduced in the water and predator.
●Longer shelf life.


Product specification

1kg x 20bags/Carton

※50-55million nauplius per 1 bag(1kg).

※2 bags of this product is equivalent to 1 can of brine shrimp eggs nauplius (more than 90% hatching rate). 



Hatching process

1:Put reasonable amount of frozen decapsulated brine shrimp eggs into hatching tank and hatch exactly same process as normal brine shrimp eggs.
2:Use strong aeration. 



Because this product is already decapsulated, eggs surface is sticky and sometimes eggs are likely to stick together. In that case, put this product into small spoon net and separate eggs.  With this process, more Nauplius can be expected.   



● Store in freezer(below -18℃).







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