● Rotifer Diet "Emerald"



-Spray dried fine Chlorella powder     

-Axenic culture production (Patent number 10-0193748)


-Suitable for high and low density rotifer cultivation

-Long shelf life

-Stable production over year


Product specification

Cell size: 2-10 μm

Vitamin B12: >10μg/g





How to use Daesang Chlorella powder in rotifer cultivation


-Blend Chlorella with fresh water using electric mixer for at least 5 minutes.

 *The maximum mixing ratio of the Chlorella powder is up to 120g/1L



-Temperature: 26.5-28

-Salinity: 18-25ppt

-Concentration of oxygen: Over 4ppm

-Recommended initial rotifer density: 200-500 ind./ml

-Feeding amounts: 0.6~0.8g / million rotifers/ day



Feeding manner

1.     Use peristaltic pump for continuous feeding (recommended) or feed 4-6 times/day intermittently.

2.     When floating dregs are seen, reduce feeding amount.



Shelf life & Storage

Shelf life: 24 months from production date

Storage: Store at cool and dark place.

 *Consume as soon as possible after opening.


Typical growth performance with using Chlorella powder





Nutrition Composition

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