Aquaculture Products

We supply a wide variety of aquaculture products such as larval feeds, fish tanks, nets, testing kits,

and other items so that we can respond to the wide and varying needs of our customers.

Our industry leading expertise has allowed us to carefully select a catalogue of reasonably priced yet

high quality products from around the world.


【Fish Tanks】


We propose the perfect fish tanks for our customers considering size

and the growth of the marine life they are caring for.

All our tanks are made in Japan to the exacting standards

and high level of craftsmanship that Japan is known for around the world.

We have developed our own strict shipment system providing safety and certainty

for our customers from manufacture all the way to shipping of the products.




【Fishing Nets】


Our fishing nets are very useful for collecting zooplankton,

sorting young fish, and overlaying double layered plants.

We provide the most appropriate nets to our customers depending on

use and materials used in net construction.




【KW21(Algae Culture Solution)


This popular product is very useful for culturing algae.

There is no need to mix with additional minerals and other nutrients,

so this product helps in reducing large operations and saving time.




Brine Shrimp Eggs


Our brine shrimp eggs are made using a special Chinese product management system

guaranteeing over 90% hatchability and certainty for our customers.

Compared to Utar eggs our products have a higher EPA,

and regardless of whether used with fish or crustaceans are one of our most popular products.




【Dried Rotifer Diet Emerald】


Highly popular in Japan and course Korea,

this feed for cultured rotifers is also widely known in Europe and the Middle East in professional circles.

Long lasting and easy to handle, this feed is used not only in professional industry circles but also in scientific research.




【TTMB(Antifouling Agent for Fishing Nets)

TTMB is used for fish farming sea cages and fishing nets,

in order to remove adhered substances from fishing nets.

We conduct immersion tests at fishing sites and are continuously

improcing our products for customer satisfaction.




【Frozen decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs】

Simply putting these decapsulated brine shrimp eggs in a culture tank for hatching will easily create clean artemia.

This product reduces the number of living bacteria, saving time and makeing handling easier.

There is no need to remove after use, so it is possible to do secondary reinforcement.